Monday, 2 January 2017

Creative writing task 4

For the fourth tasks the students needed to imagine the situation of applying for the job of Santa Claus, and write the application according to the given prompt: Write an advertisement of 50 - 100 words to present/sell yourself and your skills for the job of the Santa Claus. Use: - at least 3 adjectives - at least 3 adverbs - past, present and future tense. We have received 55 works and evaluated them based on the common assessment grid. The best pieces submitted:
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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Our 2nd project newspaper: "Er@stagram+" christmas edition

For the second issue of our project newspaper we have shared traditions, superstitions, literary pieces and food recipes with each other to get to know each other's cultures a bit more.
The Christmas edition of our project newspaper: Erastagram christmas

Merry Christmas to everybody!

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Friday, 9 December 2016

Creative writing task 3

In this assignment you are about to write a recipe or Love/ happines potion . This writing should have three parts:
1.The Ingredient List:
-List all ingredients in order of use.
-Spell out everything: tablespoons, ounces, etc.
2. The Preparation Method:
- If neccessary indicate the size of bowls and cookware. For example, "In a large mixing bowl...."
- Be as short and concise as possible. Use mainly bare infinitives as imperative forms.
3. A final note:
Results of your recipe or potion and possible pieces of advice.
The works of the students who received the highest scores:

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Creative writing task 2

For this assignment you are to write a letter to your future self. You might write about yourself now (what you like/dislike, what you think, what you do, people in your life etc.) and make predictions about your future (your hopes, fears, plans etc). You must also include 3 questions. The assignment must be 10, 15 lines long.


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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Creative writing competition - task 1

During the second project year we have a creative writing competition for all students. They will complete a total of 10 creative writing tasks and the submitted pieces will be assessed according to jointly created assessment grid. The best pieces are regularly published and at the end of the year there will be both national and project-level winners.

Task 1:
 First Name Poem
Write a poem about yourself. The first letters of the lines must produce your first name. You can use adjectives only and linking words like and, but, etc. or adverbs like sometimes, never, mainly etc.

We have received lots of poems and selected the top 16 poems. All the writing assignments are assessed by the partner countries using a jointly- created  assessment grid.
The best pieces of the first round:

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Monday, 24 October 2016

Day 5 in Lithuania

Friday October 21th

It was the last day for all the participant countries in Litvania/Squodas. All the teams were a bit sad for leaving from this nice country and friendly people. In the last day the stundent cerated their magazines in a team workshop. The results were nice. After the brain battle about Europian languages and culture all the teams had been in lunch break and they’ve prepeared themselves for    the farewell  party.  İn the party they had a chance to taste something from Litvanian cuisine.  İn the party they’ve enjoyed  to  dance with Litvanian folk music. At the end of the party all the teams had taken their certificates  from Litvanian teachers. Everyone in the party were excited beuse of being together, they were happy for being ın Litvania in that week.  İt was farewelll but They’ve gained deep friendships at all.  İn the last day the teacher of Turkish team “Erinç Büyükaşık” had a chance to give lesson to Litvanian studens on Turkish literature and language. He was so excited to have chance like that.